This page contains links to documents which support the PPDVP or which may be useful to researchers and police members across the pacific who are undertaking study on domestic violence.

PPDVP Overview

PPDVP Phase II – Activity Design Document *New*

PPDVP Annual Workplan 2012 – 2013 *New*

PPDVP Annual Plan 2009

PPDVP Monitoring and Evaluation / LogFrame Report 2009

PPDVP Annual Plan 2010-2011

PPDVP Annual Report 2009 – 2010

PPDVP Annual Plan 2011 – 2012

PPDVP Activities 2011

PPDVP Activities 2012

PPDVP MoA New Zealand Aid Programme 2012 – 2016

PPDVP Annual Report 2012-2013

PPDVP Work Plan, Gannt chart, and LoV1 and LoV2 2013 – 2014

PICP Declaration of Partnership with PPDVP

PICP Declaration of Partnership

PPDVP Gender Approach and PPDVP Symposium on Culture, Religion, and Tradition

PPDVP have run a workshop on the response to the Sexual and Gender Based Violence Surveys, and introduced a PPDVP Gender Approach (PGA). The wall charts of this workshop are available in PowerPoint form at PGA Workshop PowerPoint. (Note that file is 11 MB)

The individual image files are available from PPDVP by an e mail request to

PPDVP ran a Regional Symposium on Culture, Religion and Tradition and their impact of how police deal with domestic and family violence.  The Symposium in Nadi in April 2014 agreed on an Accord, declaring that culture, religion and tradition are never an excuse for abuse.  The Accord is available at PPDVP Nadi Accord

The PPDVP commissioned Baseline Reviews of the four participating countries (Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa and Kiribati) in 2006 – 2007.  These surveys were undertaken by the Victoria University of Wellington.  The reports serve as a point to work forward from and to help assess the impact of the PPDVP in each country.

An assessment for the 5th participating country, Vanuatu, was completed in 2009.

The four original reviews will be refreshed in 2010, to assist in the evaluation of the impact that the PPDVP and the local police activities have had.

Cook Islands – PPDVP Baseline Review

Cook Islands – 2010 Baseline Review Update

Tonga – PPDVP Baseline Review

Tonga – 2010 Baseline Review Update

Samoa – PPDVP Baseline Review

Samoa – 2010 Baseline Review Update

Kiribati – PPDVP Baseline Review

Kiribati – 2010 Baseline Review Update

Vanuatu- PPDVP Baseline Review

Case File Attrition Study

2012 Case file analysis

2012 Case file analysis – Presentation

Training Curriculum

Various training curriculum have been developed, generally in a Train the Trainer format.  These are available below:

Facilitators Guide

DV in the Pacific 2007 (1)

DV in the Pacific 2007 (2)

DV in the Pacific 2007 (3)

DV in the Pacific 2007 (4)

DV curriculum 2007 OHT (1)

DV curriculum 2007 OHT (2)

DV curriculum 2007 OHT (3)

DV student handouts 2007 (1)

DV student handouts 2007 (2.1a)

DV student handouts 2007 (2.1b)

DV student handouts 2007 (2.2)

DV Theory updated 2009 – large file 3MB

DV Investigations 2009 – very large file 10MB

General Resources and References

Domestic Violence Report Form Template – Used with CMIS data entry

Template for PPDVP and local Police MoU

Template for Police and NGO’s MoU

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force DV Policy – Draft

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force – S & GBV Policy 2009

Tonga Police Domestic Violence Policy – Final

(Note that the above policies are a final draft and will be updated in due course)

NZ Police Family Violence Policy 2015

NZ Police Family Violence Information Sharing Policy 2006

Australasian Police Policy on Family Violence

AIC Research – Performance Measurement of Police in Family and Domestic Violence

Ausaid Research on Gender Based Violence in Melanesia & East Timor

Rio Conference Communique on Engaging Men & Boys Against Violence

SPC Beijing+15 Report – Warning – this is a large file – almost 4MB

PPDVP Newsletters:

PPDVP Newsletter December 2011

PPDVP Newsletter April 2010

PPDVP Newsletter :  July 2009

The newsletter may take time to download because of the size: 8.69 MB

Medical and Forensic Management:

The six papers below are provided by the Pacific Police Development Programme porimarily, but also from other sources as well.

 WHO Medico and Legal sexual abuse victim reference

Overview of Sexual Assaults

Forensic Photograph

Forensic Specimen Kit

Initial Response For Care of a Victim

Child Sexual Abuse

Evidence Preservation

UN Workshop on GBV, Morocco – July 2014 – Reference papers

The UN Workshop News item on PPDVP (8 July 2014) gives greater details on the workshop

UN Standard Police & Justice Sector

Meeting Agenda_Global Technical Consultation on Police and Justice response to VAWG_1-4July 2014

Justice Sector’s Response to VAWG_Background Paper for the Global Technical Consultation_1-4 July 2014

Police Response to VAWG_Background Paper for the Global Technical Consultation_1-4 July 2014

Table to the Background Paper on the Justice Sector’s Response to Violence against Women_1-4 July 2014

Table to the Background Paper on the Police Response to Violence against Women_1-4 July 2014

Measuring service quality addressing VAWG_UNDP DRAFT WORKING PAPER as of at 24 June 2014

UNODC – Resources for VAW and S&GBV

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime maintains a resources page, which includes handbooks and other training material on GBV

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