Suva – Attorney General’s and PILON Workshop

PPDVP joined the workshop in Suva on 20th August, by Skype, and presented their views and assessment of the introduction iof family violence legislation to the participants.

The PowerPoint from the session is attached as a PDF



PIF leaders endorse PPDVP Nadi Accord on culture, religion and tradition

The 45th Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Leaders meeting in Palau has added their strength to the PPDVP Nadi Accord which declared that culture, religion and tradition can never be used as an “excuse for abuse”.

PPDVP Programme Manager Cam Ronald said “This is a hugely significant endorsement from the leaders of the pacific.  In agreeing to this position they have added a ringing endorsement for all the agencies and people of the pacific who have worked so tirelessly over so many years to address the violence against women in the region.”  Cam said “In April 2014, 72 people from police and agencies drawn from 18 pacific countries agreed on the Nadi Accord in a finding that excuses based on culture, religion and tradition are never sufficient to excuse this abuse.”

PPDVP will invite the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police (PICP) to add their endorsement to the Nadi Accord in October 2014 when they meet in Auckland.  “This will place the police chiefs across the pacific as true leaders in their communities, and as the head of their police services, in addressing men’s domestic and family violence” said Cam.

The 45th PIF Communique and the PPDVP Nadi Accord are available at these links.  The PIF reference is at para 24 of the Communique.


Who’s where with PPDVP programme

July is a busy month for the ppdvp team.

Kim Bloomfield has now introduced the CMIS database for recording domestic violence incidents at a training week held  in Guam 1st – 4th July.  This training involved the Marshall Islands, Palau, Chuuk and Guam Police officers. 

Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Turner conducted a routine deployment into Tonga 30th June – 5th July.

Superintendent Stan Nikoro is also in Cook Islands 10th July – 1st August conducting his routine deployment.

Detective Sergeant Ashley Millen will be heading off to Kiribati 24th July – 11th August also conducting his routine deployment.

Inspector Soni Malaulau will be travelling into Niue for a mangement and liaision visit 28th July – 1st August.

Kim Bloomfield will travel to Fiji to conduct some refresher training, due to upgrades on the CMIS database to Tonga, Samoa, Kiribati, Tuvalu and Solomon Islands 28th-30th July.

CMIS database training Nadi Fiji

Support officer Kim Bloomfield will conduct some CMIS database training in Fiji 28th-29th July.  There will be 5 countries attending this training, Tonga, Samoa, Kiribati, Tuvalu and the Solomon Islands.

The CMIS database has recently been upgraded with some minor changes to the face of the template.

UN Women – Police and Justice sector response to GBV

PPDVP Programme Manager Cam Ronald attended the Global Technical Consultation on the Police and Justice Sector’s Response to Violence Against Women and Girls in Marrakech, Morocco from 1-4 July 2014.

1-group photo_global consultation

The meeting was the second in a planned set of four – the first examined the health sector response.

Police and Justice experts from around the world joined UN representatives from UN Women, UNODC, UNDP and UNFPA.  A series of commissioned papers were presented and analysed, and changes made, in workshops during the week.

The Police and Justice papers will be combined into a Justice Sector Response in about 2 months time, after agreement on the changes and further input where it is required. The various responses may be considered in a further joint workshop of representatives of all the sectors, but planning for this is ongoing.

Cam said “This was a chance for PPDVP to examine their own practices and procedures to make sure that we were on track.  It was great to find that few changes were identified in this process, which is fantastic confirmation for the work of the PPDVP team and the pacific police members.”

“In  discussing the links with the other police specialists from the UK, Australia (Victoria Police), Lebanon, Uganda, Tanzania as well forensic medicine specialists it allowed us to form contacts which will be valuable to all parties in the future”, said Cam.

The Guidelines will in due course form a basis for a series of pilot programmes to examine how a country is progressing against the agreed “maps”, and it is anticipated that one of these pilot countries will be in the pacific.

The date for the release of the overall findings, and the pilots, is still to be confirmed but it is likely to be in 2015 – 2016.

Funding for the workshop was provided by the Government of Australia through their DFAT ODA programme.

Documents for the Workshop are below:

Meeting Agenda_Global Technical Consultation on Police and Justice response to VAWG_1-4July 2014

Justice Sector’s Response to VAWG_Background Paper for the Global Technical Consultation_1-4 July 2014

Police Response to VAWG_Background Paper for the Global Technical Consultation_1-4 July 2014

Table to the Background Paper on the Justice Sector’s Response to Violence against Women_1-4 July 2014

Table to the Background Paper on the Police Response to Violence against Women_1-4 July 2014

Measuring service quality addressing VAWG_UNDP DRAFT WORKING PAPER as of at 24 June 2014

NZ Family Violence Deaths Review Committee 2014 Report

The New Zealand Family Violence Death Review Committee has published their 2014 analysis and report.

NZFVDR 2014 Report

Thanks to Jane Koziol-McLain at Auckland University of Technology for making this available.

Wynyard Investigator – CMIS – databases upgraded

PPDVP worked with staff from the Wynyard Group to add functionality to the database used for domestic violence case reporting, and to install new systems on 11 computers this week.

Hieran from Wynyard in Christchurch is shown surrounded by the 11 computers at the PPDVP office.



The Investigator database, which PPDVP know as CMIS, was upgraded to a later version. (4.3.1).  The PPDVP data entry screens were updated to manage Police Protection Orders and Breaches of Orders.  These provisions commence in Tonga on 1 July, and are already in legislation in Tuvalu and Samoa.  Other countries have similar legislation planned. The enhancements will allow police to manage the orders as they are made by Police and the Courts and to report on how effective they are. A workshop for Micronesian staff will be held in Guam in the first week of July and a workshop for other countries in Nadi in late July.



A busy time for PPDVP

PPDVP is entering a busy phase with a number of deployments underway or due, as well as workshops and conferences

Felix Alefaio is currently in Tuvalu for two weeks, where he will be working with other NZ Police staff to advance processes and agreements with NGO’s and the Police.  Felix will run a series of workshops on the maneapas on family violence and undertake a range of support activities with Tuvalu Police.

Soni Malaulau is in the Cook Islands from 18 to 20th June with the annual PICP Women’s Advisory Network (WAN) meeting and will present on the outcomes of the recent PPDVP Symposium.

Greg Turner heads to Tonga late next week to support the Tonga Police and other partners as they move to a new legislative regime with the Family Protection Act coming into force on 1 July.  The PPDVP and NZ Police have been working with Tonga Police in the development ad delivery of training in the new provisions for all police staff.  The work in Tonga will help other countries as their new legislation comes on board later this year and early next year.

Kim Bloomfield is updating the various 11 computer systems this week to a new version of the Jade Investigator software – known as CMIS.  Kim and Rod Walker from AFP will join Micronesian police in Guam at the end of the month for CMIS training with Palau, Chuuk and Majuro police staff, who will take possession of their database systems and begin to use them in their countries.

Stan Nikoro will deploy to the Cook islands in July for three weeks to advance their plans for a pilot programme on alternative resolution processes on an outer island and to to follow up on PPDVP Gender Approach work with Cook Islands Police.

Cam Ronald travels to Morocco at the invitation of UN Women to participate in a Global Technical Consultation on the Police and Justice sector’s response to VAW for Essential Services from 1- 4 July 2014 in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Soni travels to Niue in  July to update our work plans with the Niue police and to see how things are progressing.

And to finish off this busy time, Kim will run a workshop in Fiji in late July on the updated version of the database with staff from Tonga, Samoa, Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Solomon Islands.


PPDVP Symposium – PowerPoint of wall charts

The Symposium wall charts completed by Mary of Reflection Graphics have been brought  together into two PowerPoint presentations.  These are free to be copied and used.

PowerPoint One – first two days

PowerPoint Two – last three days

Participants at the Symposium will receive a booklet off all the slides which can be used to identify particular images or slides they wish to use.  High quality photos of the slides, in JPG format, are available from

NZ Rugby and NZ Rugby Players Award to PPDVP

The NZ Rugby Players Association, with NZ Rugby, have awarded the 2013 “Off the field” award to PPDVP for our work with professional players in conjunction with PPDVP.

The award was presented to the PPDVP Implementation team of Cam, Soni and Kim in New Plymouth at a NZ Rugby Professional Development Managers meeting on Friday 9th May 2014.

The details of the award have been posted previously

A similar award was presented to Steve Symonds from Wellington Rugby, who is the PDM for the Hurricanes, who led the activity on behalf of the players and NZ Rugby

The Award comprised a framed and mounted collection of a number of the memorable photos taken in the last five years with NZ Rugby, including visits to Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, and Guam. ( The two image files have been loaded in high resolution and may be slow to load. )  Lower resolution files are included for fast viewing.

Low resolution images




High resolution images


The inscription on the award




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