PPDVP presentation to 43rd PICP meeting, October 2014

The PPDVP Programme Manager, Cam Ronald, presented a session on PPDVP to the 43rd PICP meeting at Auckland on 14th October 2014.

The presentation considered responses on a gender approach to enhance standards in police, and an invitation to the Chiefs of Police for them to consider adoption of the PPDVP Nadi Accord.  PICP members will consider the recommendations at their Retreat on 16th October 2014.

Biblical Interpretations on VAW

The PPDVP Symposium considered a presentation on the “Biblical Interpretation on VAW and Inequality” which followed on from other religious presentations.  This presentation was supported by the Arch Bishop of the Anglican Church in the South Pacific, and the Chief Theologian of the Suva Theological College.

The Presentation is available to PICP members at their 43rd Meeting currently being held in Auckland.


Inspector Soni Malaulau announces his intention to leave NZ Police

Inspector Soni Malaulau the Programme Officer, whose role it is to oversee the Regional work of the PPDVP, including management of AFP staff working with PPDVP in Micronesia, managing key projects and development work for the programme has announced his intention to leave the Police and therefore the PPDVP.

Personal Statement: Inspector Soni Malaulau

Hello everyone. Just to let you know that I have made the decision to leave NZ Police and therefore my role with PPDVP. My last day will be on 26th November 2014.

I have not taken this decision lightly and after 28 years in the NZ Police it is time for me to take the leap of faith and make a change while I am still young enough to make a difference in another area, whether it is government service or private enterprise.  I hope at some stage to be doing some work around the Pacific and in the area of training and development so it is likely that I could pop up anywhere in the Pacific..or The world!. The PPDVP is in good stead and will continue to move forward.

Can I take this opportunity to thank you all. It has been a pleasure working with you and absorbing the energy and passion for the work we do. I have learnt so much from each and everyone that I have met and worked with. If I have learnt one thing it is that there is a massive amount of genuine will out there to make a difference in the Pacific, Having a united approach putting aside egos and political agendas and facilitating meaningful communication that aligns Western models to cultural and traditional approaches will work for the Pacific. It has indeed been a wonderful pleasure!. Our work is not done and as the famous cliché goes…”It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen”.

Very Best Regards



A farewell morning Tea is being planned for Friday 21st November 2014, at 10am at NZ Police National Headquarters in Wellington and will no doubt be one of many farewells before Soni finishes from Police

If you wish to leave a message for Soni please send an email to:

Samasoni.Malaulau@police.govt.nz or Sonimalaulau@gmail.com


Kiribati prepares to roll out legislation to protect families from domestic violence

The SPC, including the Regional Rights Resource Team (RRRT), has published a media article on the roll out of legislation in Kiribati.  Kiribati Police are currently undertaking training in their new powers and responsibilities.

SPC release

Who’s where with PPDVP programme

The PPDVP update of who’s where with the programme for October, November and December 2014.

Programme Officer Inspector Soni Malaulau will be traveling to the FWCC regional police Gender and Human Rights workshop on the 10th October.

The PPDVP Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) meeting is again being held in Nadi on 5th November where all the PPDVP team will be attending.

 From the 9th – 15th November the PPDVP team along with Wellington Rugby Professional Development Manager, NZ Police Media, TV1, TV3, Fairfax, INL and 7-8 rugby players will travel to Vanuatu to do a community awareness programme.

Programme manager Cam Ronald will travel to Canberra in late November for meetings with the AFP, PPDPR and also Australian Attorneys Generals office for talks on legislation.

Detective Sergeant Ian McCambridge will travel to Samoa 11th-23rd November for a scheduled deployment.

Detective Sergeant Ashley Millen will travel to Kiribati 13th November – 3rd December for his scheduled deployment and White Ribbon Day celebrations.

Constable Felix Alefaio will also travel into Tuvalu for a scheduled deployment and White Ribbon Day celebrations. 

Scheduled travel yet to be confirmed to Vanuatu and Tonga for a deployment will also be conducted in November.

Programme manager will travel to Niue 6th – 13th December with Judge Peter Boshier for a PJDP judical workshop.

Public Prosecutions – Vanuatu – a Judgement

Justice Harrop in Vanuatu has issued a Judgement on Criminal Appeal Case No. 03 of 2014

Justice Harrop is critical of the Public Prosecutor and the prosecution process, and the resulting lack of access to justice for the victim and her family.

The Judgment is available for download

Solomon Islands Justice Stephen Pallarus recently issued a view on the sentencing processes in the Solomon islands which is available on this site, at http://www.ppdvp.org.nz/?p=2372



International Evidence Base – Policy Brief on DV

PPDVP have received a copy of Policy Brief titled “International Evidence Base” on violence against women and children.  The Brief is available for download.  It opens with a  statement “Prevention of violence against women and their children is a relatively new field of research internationally.”

The report was commissioned by “Our Watch.”  “Our Watch” is an independent organisation working to raise awareness and engage the community in action to prevent violence against women and children.  It is based in Australia and has membership from the Commonwealth of Australia, and the Victoria, Northern Territory and South Australian governments. www.ourwatch.org.au

They have commissioned a series of policy briefs to assist in the development of strategic programmes.

IACP Webber Seavey award – PPDVP application

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) runs an annual award competition for outstanding community policing projects.  Details of the award system can be found at www.theiacp.org.


PPDVP submitted a bid this year and gained a place in the short listed group of 10 applicants, from the original 38 applications received by the IACP, but did not make it to the final award selection.

The Award Application and the Abstract provide a current summary of the activities of PPDVP.  The set of supporting papers which were submitted, such as the PPDVP Nadi Accord and the PICP Declaration, can be found on our PPDVP Resources page.


Solomon Islands – a view from the Bench on GBV

The Pacific Judicial Development Programme (PJDP) ran a workshop in Honiara in August.  A key note speaker was Solomon Islands Justice Stephen Pallarus.  He gave an impassioned address on dealing with gender based violence cases in the Solomon Islands, and provided an insight into sentencing.

His address is attached, with the kind assistance of Judge Peter Boshier

Speech to Solomons Workshop Pallarus J

Guam “Man Up” Non Violence campaign – YouTube videos

PPDVP is proud to be associated with Guam “Man Up” campaign, and the Guam Police Department in their support of this local campaign.  The campaign is led by women who have taken a stand, sometimes as a result of serious harm against them, and placing the burden on men to make a change.  Local news outlets and TV stations carry the messages as a part of their community service, and with the support of the Guam PD CrimeStoppers programme.

This is a locally grown initiative and one which is really making a difference.

White Ribbon Day in Guam this year will link with this great local campaign.

A series of videos on YouTube are linked below




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