Samoa Police DVU – New vehicle

The Samoa Police Domestic Violence Unit has received a new vehicle through the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Institutional Strengthening Programme in Apia.


Samoa Police Commissioner receives the new DV vehicle

The vehicle has been provided to assist the Police unit in the management of the increasing number of protection orders issued through the Family Violence Court.  The vehicle carries a family safety message.

PPDVP Programme Manager, Cam Ronald,  says that they have worked with Superintendent Frank Clair of the AFP to arrange the purchase of the vehicle, and that is serves as a great example of the AFP and the PPDVP working together to support local police.

PPDVP Domestic Case File Analysis 2014

PPDVP have undertaken a case file analysis of domestic violence files in five countries,to determine the outcome of the enquiries, and to see if attrition of the file occurred during the prosecution process.  Police files from the Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati and Vanuatu were analysed.  A target of 100 case files from 2012 was set.

The analysis will be undertaken again in late 2015, checking files from 2014.

The results and findings of this analysis will help the PPDVP work alongside police, courts and agencies to improve the progress of domestic violence criminal investigation files.  It also serves as a useful case monitoring tool, and performance measure.

The Case File analysis is available, as is a Power Point presentation.

Requests for further information about the analysis, and feedback, is welcomed, to

NZ Rugby help to spread the Non Violence Message

Conga line

NZ Rugby Player development Officer, Steve Symonds, and representative player John Schwalger were interviewed with Radio NZ this morning and spoke of the work that they do, and life around and after rugby.  NZ Rugby and more than 60 players, like John, and administrators like Steve, have partnered with PPDVP to work in many countries over the last six years.

Radio NZ link 

PPDVP RAC Meeting, Auckland, April 2015

PPDVP hosted the six monthly Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) meeting in Auckland on the 30th March.  Attendees came from the NZ Police, Australian Federal Police, Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre, the Pacific Islands Forum, the Regional Rights Resource Team, The Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police and their Secretariat, and UN Women.

This was the first meeting with Niue Chief of Police Tony Edwards who will represent the PICP as a member of their Executive Leadership Team.

The RAC meeting was held in Auckland to sit alongside the first PICP Executive Leadership Team meeting and workshop which ran for the following two days.

RAC Agenda items included a summary of recent PPDVP Activities, a presentation and discussion on a recent case file analysis review of five pacific countries; a briefing on the new structures and strategies of the PICP; a briefing on the activities around the forthcoming end of cycle review of PPDVP in 2015 and 2016; and a tour d’ table of forthcoming activities related to sexual and gender based violence, and gender and women’s rights, across the region.

The next RAC meeting will be in September to coincide with the initial findings of the PPDVP Evaluation.

FWCC RTP Trainees, April 2015

PPDVP is proud to be sponsoring, in association with AFP PPDPR, four staff members to attend the forthcoming Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre (FWCC) Regional Training Programme (RTP) in Suva in April and may 2015.

PPDVP is sponsoring two Vanuatu attendees, Mark Willie and Georgino Neveservette.  Both these officers are police officers in the Vanuatu Police Force.

The AFP PPDPR, with PPDPR, is sponsoring two members from the Republic of the Marshall Islands – Hemity Balos and Langrine Totha.

Safe travels to all, and we wish you success with the programme and the chance to learn some great lessons and take them home to your own communities.

The Pacific Judicial Development Programme (PJDP) delivered a Family Violence and Youth Justice Workshop in Niue

NZ High Commissioner Ross Ardern opens the workshop.

NZ High Commissioner Ross Ardern opens the workshop.

The Pacific Judicial Development Programme (PJDP) delivered a Family Violence and Youth Justice Workshop in Niue for the judiciary, police and the community from 9 – 11 December, 2014.  The workshop was one of a series where PJDP and PPDVP have worked alongside each other to provide knowledge of issues, resources and responses to family violence.  PPDVP Programme Manager Cam Ronald acted as a facilitator,  with a  strong turnout of the Niue Police.  The Chief of Police, Tony Edwards, was present for all three days and various police staff were present throughout when they were available.


Niue Police developing a topic at the workshop

Niue Police developing a topic at the workshop

The workshop agreed on a Judicial Roadmap for the management of family violence cases in the Niue Courts which reflected the standard court processes and procedures, and laid these alongside a community based response and an alternative resolution process in appropriate cases.



Micronesia Transition

The transition for the two new AFP staff (Leanne Lomas and Rob MacDonald) to work with PPDVP in Micronesia will run from 11th to 30th March.  Soni Malaulau will lead this (on contract) and Nga Utanga will join the team, which will allow a general handover of his role as well as an induction for Micronesia.

PPDVP Workshop Auckland

PPDVP Mentors workshop – a workshop for PPDVP staff will be held in Auckland on 9th and 10th March, to focus on implementation of the findings of the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) surveys of five countries and the case file (DV file attrition) analysis in 2014.  This will drive the majority of the mentors in country delivery out to 30 June 2016.


PPDVP Briefing to AFP PPDPR, DFAT and Attorney Generals Office – Canberra – November 2014

Programme Manager Cam Ronadl had the opportunity to brief the AFP PPDPR, various members of DFAT Aid Programme and the Australian Attorney Generals Department in Canberra on 19th November 2014.

The presentation to the group is available for download

NZ Rugby tackles domestic violence in Vanuatu

A squad of NZ Rugby players and officials has teamed up with PPDVP, the Vanuatu Police and a range of local organisations to run a week long programme of awareness raising on domestic violence in Vanuatu.

The week of awareness raising and linking in with vulnerable people in the Vanuatu community has certainly got the message out – “There is no excuse for abuse!”

PPDVP Programme Manager, Cam Ronald, says “Each year we take the message to a pacific country, and each year it gets better.  This last week in Vanuatu has been an extraordinary success.  Our thanks goes to the NZ High Commission, the Vanuatu Police, Vanuatu Rugby, and hundreds of school kids for their involvement. ”  “And of course, special thanks and recognition to Steve Symonds and his team of rock stars from NZ Rugby and NZ Hockey.”

Cam said that this enthusiasm needs to continue “While this week will last in peoples memory, it is important that people in authority and people working with the vulnerable at ground level, continue to raise awareness and to work together.”

Some examples of the great work –

The New Zealand High Commission in Port Vila gave their support for the week, and this produced strong local content and helped to ensure that senior government officials joined the activities – the Prime Minister attended three activities and the NZ High Commissioner joined activities each day.

Television NZ One News traveled with the group for the first few days, and their coverage has raised the level of awareness in New Zealand and across the pacific.   Links to two TVNZ shows

New Zealand media have carried various personal stories, such as this

Steve Symonds from NZ Rugby is a Players Development Manager leading the rugby sides of the event, and he joined an ABC Radio interview where he outlined the work of the players and made observations on the success of this Vanuatu experience.

And of course, there were lots of great photos, here are few of them


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And of course social media played it;s part – her is a link to some of the articles and comments ion the PPDVP Facebook site

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