Respect, consent and treating people fairly – NZ White Ribbon Day theme 2015

New Zealand White Ribbon Day is focusing their theme on respect, consent and being honest around relationships with people.

NZ White Ribbon Campaign

A great Cartoon making that point, by PencilsWord, tells the story so well.



New vehicle for RMI Police DV Unit

The Australian Federal Police, in conjunction with the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and facilitated by PPDVP, have taken possesion of a new vehicle to asist the police in the management of family violence cases.

In due course the vehicle will carry the logos of the AFP and PPDVP.

Programme Officer Nga Utanga, working with mentor Soni Malaulau have led this work.  Nga said “This is a great example of a country contributing additional funds to those provided by the AFP, to give effect to the new Family Protection legislation.”

The vehicle will be used by the RMI Police Domestic Violence Protection Unit.

An insight to sentencing on sexual crimes in the Solomon Islands

This Post references a Speech by Justice Stephen Pallaras QC – Regional Human Rights and the Law consultation, Auckland, July 2015.

Justice Pallaras has previously spoken to a Pacific Judicial Development Programme (PJDP) workshop in the Solomon Islands in 2014, and this recent presentation in Auckland earlier this year brings the process up to date.

Speech by Justice Stephen Pallaras QC at the Regional Human Rights and the Law consultation.

Acknowledgement – This material was made available through the Regional Rights Resource Team (RRRT) of the SPC in Fiji. Their link to the article is

SPC RRRT article



Mongolian Police meet up with PPDVP

The New Zealand Police International Service Group have hosted a senior Mongolian Police member, Colonel Arslan Gankhuyag , to assist with the development of procedures, protocols and training in domestic and family violence for the Mongolian Police.

Mongolia 2015 web

PPDVP Programme Manager, Cam Ronald, spent time with Arslan, to outline the work of the PPDVP and to share the available resources.  Cam said “This was truly a chance for us to learn from each other.  We shared our concepts and material and I found many similarities in the work in Mongolia with our work in the Pacific countries. ”

“The sessions had originally been seen as a chance for Arslan to learn from New Zealand, so I was really impressed with the material which he showed us, including comprehensive training packages which he had developed for the Police in Mongolia” said Cam.  “While they were in the Mongolian language, which is a version of Russian cyrillic writing, the charts, diagrams, and the key points, were clearly the same.”

“Arslan is implementing a domestic violence case file management system with support from the Swiss government and he was able to take away copies of data entry forms and to study the CMIS system used in the pacific by PPDVP” said Cam.

Colonel Gankhuyag was given access to the range of reference and training material stored in the PPDVP web site “Resources” page.

PPDVP support to Otaki schools

In an unusual move for an international programme, PPDVP was able to distribute the remainder of a large quantity of sports clothing and various items to schools in the Otaki and wider area on 21st October.

The original equipment was provided by SPARC NZ, now Sport NZ, when they re-branded about four years ago.  Various shipments had been provided by PPDVP to schools, family and crisis shelters for victims of crimes, and to various groups in the pacific.

The Manawatu College in Foxton, and four schools in Otaki – Waitohu School; Otaki College; Otaki Primary School; and  Te Wānanga o Raukawa gratefully received boxes of T shirts, jackets, balls and other items for use in their various school and community programmes.

NZ Family Violence Clearing House – Prevention of domestic violence

The New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse has published an insight paper on the prevention of domestic violence, using the strength of loca communities. This up to date research paper offers alternatives and an insight into working with communities to prevent violence occurring.  It touches on issues such as gender, religion, and traditional views.

The paper is available for download at FVCH paper on prevention of DV

PICP WAN Newsletter

The latest edition of the PICP WAN newsletter is available here 2015 September PICP WAN Newsletter

Speaking out against violence in Samoa

The UN sponsored UNiTE campaign  to raise awareness and take action against violence against women and girls has been busy in Samoa.  The Samoa Observer has a great article and lots of photos.

Many public servants joined in a parade and wore orange to signify the importance of the day.

Tonga Domestic Violence Road Signs

Road Side Prevention Sign

The Tonga Police, with support from the Tonga Police Development Programme (TPDP), have developed a series of posters for use.  The first of these have been produced and are positioned on a busy highway near the golf club, and on the main route to the airport in Tongatapu.

The TPDP is a joint initiative of the New Zealand, Australian and Tonga governments to strengthen the Tonga Police.

Tonga Police road sign

These signs have been developed by Australian Federal Police and New Zealand Police advisers with the TPDP, in conjunction with the Tonga Police, and PPDVP.

Further signs will be displayed at all police stations.

Speaking out on Domestic Violence, in Australian media

The Today show in Australia carried this story around the death of 62 women in Australia this year, and only as far as September.

SMH story on Today show


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