Samoa Police WRD Video

The video posted on Facebook by the Samoa Police says it all with the Police Commissioner, Domestic Violence Team members, police staff  and children all speaking out to “Break the Silence, End the Violence.”

Samoa Police WRD video

The funding for the video was provided by the Australian Federal Police Samoa Assistance Partnership Programme (SAPP) team working alongside the Samoa Police.  The lead for the video, which builds on a successful model used in other countries, was by SAPP and the Samoa Police Training Section.

PPDVP Programme Manager Cam Ronald says “This is a  fantastic production which really sets the standard, again!  This year we have seen a range of videos, produced in each county by the local police, to ge their message across in their communities.”  Cam noted “In previous years this has been led by the PPDVP team, we are now the ones needing to keep up wth the countries!”

Cam acknowledged the great links with the AFP SAPP team in Apia who have led this development, and providing the in country assistance and funding.  “This type of relationship and sharing of activities by PPDVP and AFP in Samoa, and other countries where AFP have development teams, is the way for long term success” says Cam.

“The use of tools like this gives real meaning to the commitment made by the Pacific Island Chiefs Of Police (PICP) in Niue in August to speak out on family violence and to take a lead in their communities” says Cam.  “Very well done, Samoa Police!”

Making a Real Difference


One person, through their actions, can really make a difference.

Captain John Hogan of SPC, who have been supporting the White Ribbon theme in the last three years, and especially with males taking the pledge for White Ribbon, has provided this item which was sent to him after the Pledge Ceremony on Wednesday this week, in Suva, Fiji.

I wasn’t able to attend yesterday’s event but I signed again on the White Ribbon pledge and received another white ribbon.  

I am happy to report that I stopped one man from abusing a lady yesterday.

At 6.30 pm or thereabout, I was walking down Laucala Bay Road and listening to the launch of the International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women in Tonga at the same time. I saw this couple at the opposite side of the road and right in front of the Vatuwaga Primary School. They were obviously in some kind of disagreement. They were about 3 meters apart and trading interesting remarks and pointing fingers at each other. Then the man angrily walked towards the other one to obviously smash her but she was retreating too. That’s when I shouted from across the road, a mix of English and Fijian. The fella stopped. More exchange of interesting remarks and finger pointing then the fella picked up a piece of wood from the ground and chased the other one who was running behind a tree besides the road. I continued shouting, this time I won’t tell you the language, and while there were many vehicles passing by (from Ratu Sukuna and Laucala Rds), the fella probably realised no one in those vehicles took note but he knew someone was watching and shouting from across the road. Then the fella looked at me briefly. He got a glimpse of my muscles, dropped the piece of wood and quickly walked down towards USP while the other one went down towards Flagstaff, much more relaxed and happy too.

May this story inspire our younger and more energetic colleagues to do more and better than this old comrade of yours.

Manuia le aso

This man, who we have deliberately not named in this Post, made a difference.

White Ribbon Day – Tonga media article

Excellent coverage of White Ribbon Day in Tonga on the Matangi Tonga web site.

Update – This site has now been restricted under the Premium Content access for Matangi Tonga – so unlesss you are a subscriber, you miss out.  What a shame, it is a great article with some excellent views and photos.

White Ribbon day 2015 – Photos

A range of photos of 2015 White Ribbon Day activities in various countries.

If you have photos which you would like to include, please send them to

Tonga males

Tonga police Prevention Group staff

Tonga football

Tonga Police activities

Tonga children

Children at Tonga WRD activities

Tonga & poster

Tonga staff with one of the new posters

Tonga slide

Police families day

Tonga Preparations

Tonga food preparation

Tonga speeches

Tonga Police speeches

SPC Fiji WR_champions

SPC and Regional Meeting in Fiji

Niue 2

Niue Police station signs

Niue 1

Niue Police station

NZ Police Commissioner and Legacy web

NZ Police Commissioner and legacy group


Vanuatu – White Ribbon Day

PPDVP Mentor Peter McKennie and Programme Officer Nga Utanga worked with the Vanuatu Police around the schedule for activities on White Ribbon Day.  The planning and arrangements have been a success, and the text below is taken from an e mail from Vanuatu:

Davis and team did an excellent job of organising White Ribbon Day this morning.

All of the executive was there, and there was a really good turnout of both VPF and VMF and of senior Vila officers. A few orange t-shirts were evident but the Blue and Green was the dominant colour. We marched through town and to Independence Park because the seafront stage couldn’t be used – the band took a bit of a breather for the uphill bits. There was plenty of shouting of break the silence, end the violence. Good support from the crowd on the streets.

The stage was well decorated with the PPDVP banner nice and prominent and black balloons.


Justice Minister and Acting Commissioner spoke, along with NZHC, AHC, VWC, DWA and others.

So a good morning. They even caught everyone out by running a bit ahead of time.

In the afternoon a sports day with VPF and VMF members and their families was held, with a non violence theme and the Police Executive discussing how police must set the standard, and to not use violence.

SPC in Fiji – White Ribbon Day

Captain John Hogan and his team at SPC have continued with the White Ribbon Day theme again this year, and took the chance to bring it to a regional Transport Officials Meeting yesterday.  This text and photo is from an e mail from John.

SPC Fiji WR_champions







We launched the White Ribbon day at the Transport Officials meeting at morning tea break today  .

We had a total of 64 people attending from PI’s including reps from IMO, SPREP, ADB , NZ, JICA and  private sector  all males at the meeting signed the pledge and are wearing White Ribbons today.

We also got male staff in EDD office today , IT etc in Lotus building to sign and in total have 76 signatures.

PPDVP has supported SPC over the last two years.

The head of the SPC, Dr Colin Tukuitonga, provides a wider insight on this Radio NZ link 

NZ Police WR Day Breakfast

NZ Police Commissioner and Legacy web


The NZ Police Commissioner who is a White Ribbon Day Commissioner, Mike Bush, hosted a breakfast for over 100 quests at the National Police Headquarters.  The Manukau group, Legacy, performed a fantastic story about family violence and speaking out against it, and supporting your friends.

The theme of the day was Respectful relationships.

The New Zealand WR Day Chairman, Judge Peter Boshier, gave the key note speech.

A fantastic start to this important day

Tuvalu – White Ribbon Day message

The Tuvalu Police DV officer, Matt Lauti and PPDVP Mentor Rei Maresela-Thomson have been busy leading up to the 25th of November.  The local domestic violence committee of NGO’s, churches, police and others have held community meetings.

Rei and Matt have been out catching the message on Tuvalu video.

This is going to be a great day in Tuvalu with all this preparation.

And the day was better than even panned – well done Tuvalu.  This great Updated Tuvalu video says it all

White Ribbon Pledge – 2015 – Take the Pledge


Respectful Relationships – White Ribbon Day – 25th November 2015

Road Side Prevention Sign

PPDVP, in conjunction with the AFP PPDPR, are supporting a range of pacific activities for White Ribbon Day on the 25th November 2015.

Each country is recognising the day in a different way, to suit their local needs.  PPDVP and AFP, have worked together to provide contributed support in different ways. This includes funds for school competitions; white ribbons and other display items; workshops with the community; community meetings with children; and activities with police staff and their families.  All have a Non Violence theme, and a common thread is developing respectful relationships.

PPDVP Programme Manager – Cam Ronald – who is a New Zealand White Ribbon Day Ambassador said “Today has been recognised by the pacific police as the start point for the 16 days of activism on women’s rights across the pacific, and around the world.  White Ribbon Day serves a useful focus point for the PPDVP and the Police.  Each year the countries look for innovative ways to carry the local message.  This year new ideas have surfaced and tried and tested ways have been refreshed.”

Some of the country activities include:

  • Chuuk in FSM – an awareness raising workshop facilitated by the Chuuk Women’s Council
  • Tuvalu – family sports days and village events on the maneapas, and a national radio broadcast of the events
  • Kiribati – candlelight vigils at the address of victims of violence
  • Cook Islands – signing a pledge to meet the aims of White Ribbon to prevent and intervene in violence where it occurs, and attaching White Ribbons to a Christmas tree in the main street
  • Tonga – school competition with a non violence theme
  • Samoa – community activities supported by AFP and the NZ High Commission
  • Vanuatu – street parades and addresses, followed by a police and families sports event with the emphasis on reducing incidences of harm within the police families, and providing support to families

Cam said “A key aspect of all the activities is that they involve the police; their communities and importantly other agencies and partners. Working together to address domestic violence is the target.”

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