Let’s Stop It at the Start!

This fantastic video is being shown on television in Australia by the Australian Government programme to stop domestic violence.

UN Women Database on Resources Updated

The National Committee of UN Women in Aotearoa New Zealand has provided PPDVP with links to the UN Women Database of Resources on Violence Against Women and Girls.  Links to the data are inserted below.

This is a great resource and lists activities by country and by region, and by topics.

The Global Database on Violence against Women is an online resource, designed to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information on measures taken by Governments to address violence against women, in the areas of laws and policies, prevention, services, and statistical data. It also serves as an important tool to monitor the implementation of SDGs and its target areas on violence against women.

The Global Database on Violence against Women is one of three websites on the Global Knowledge Platform to End Violence against Women. The platform aims to improve knowledge and coordination among different actors in order to address violence against women more effectively. In addition to the Global Database, the other two websites on the platform are: the Inventory of UN Activities to End Violence against Women, and the Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence against Women and Girls.

PILON S&GBV Workshop- Justice Sector Standards

this link is provided for the PILON Sexual and Gender Based Violence workshop to be held in Samoa in the week of 2nd May 2016.

The UN VAW Standards are available at this link.

Incrased reporting of DV cases in the Marshll Islands – a positive sign of change.

Interesting short radio interview with head of WUTMI in the Marshall Islands on changes in reporting levels since the changes in legislation, and raised awareness on domestic violence. PPDVP has supported WUTMI and the RMI Police, with direct assistance from the Australian Federal Police.

Radio NZ article on Marshall Islands

PPDVP Mentor Greg Turner has last deployment with Tonga Police

DSS Turners last visit to Tonga

Unlocking Gender Based Violence in the Pacific – Assessing the Scope, Magnitude and Economic Impact of Gender Based Violence in the Pacific

The Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum has provided an insight in to Gender Based Violence in the Pacific, from a political perspective.

Her address is available


Activity Design Process commences for PPDVP Phase III

Agreement in principle to move to the design of a third and final phase of PPDVP has commenced. James McGovern has been contracted to work with the providing agencies – MFAT IDG, NZ Police, AFP PPDPR and the PICP to develop the Activity Design Document, with PPDVP.

James will commence on 9th February 2016. The completed ADD will be submitted in late April.

The ADD will seek views from a range of organisations, agencies, people and of course the Police services of the pacific.


NZ Justice Minister speaks out on Family Violence

The NZ Justice Minister has spoken out on the need for everyone to take action to reduce the high rates of family violence in New Zealand.    She had indicated action by the Government to address this.

Amy Adams on Family Violence

Essential Services Standards for VAW published

UN Women have published the three sets of Essential Services standards for managing VAW.  The Justice and Police Standard is being considered as the performance measure for PPDVP when assessing progress in countries, and the provision of services to help countries become sustainable.

The UN VAW Standards are available at this link.

PPDVP will bring greater focus to the use of these standards during the Activity Design phase for PPDVP for 2016-2021.

What Respectful Relationships Really Means

Counties – Manukau Police in New Zealand have produced this great video with a group of young guys – aged 8 to 12 – talking about their lives and attitudes, and what Respect for Women really means.

Watch to video at this link – Respect

A lot of men could learn from these young men!  Well done CM Police, and these young men.

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