AUSAID catches a pass on DV for PNG!

The Australian Government AUSAID has recently supported their PM’s invitation 13 for Rugby League in their match against the PNG Kumars, where all players committed to carry the message “Stop violence against women.”  The game, and the message, were very well received and the message was passed, and received.

This support follows on from the successful development of the concept in the pacific by the PPDVP in 2009 using rugby players working with young men and boys in Samoa, Tonga and the Cook Islands using rugby as the medium.  Later this year PPDVP will support a rugby squad going to Tonga in early November.

The link to the Ausaid story can be found at Ausaid media release

The ABC has carried the event and has video footage of the game and the interacting with the players and the community in PNG.

PPDVP Programme Manager – Cam Ronald – was excited at the take up of this PPDVP concept by their Australian “cousins” and said “mimicry is the greatest form of flattery!”  “It’s great to see this very successful concept being used in this way in PNG.”

PPDVP Independent Evaluation Report 2011

The NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs – New Zealand Aid Programme, have released an Independent Evaluation Report of the first five years of PPDVP activity.

This Evaluation, and other reports and assessments, will inform considerations around further activity by the PPDVP after 30 June 2012.

PPDVP Evaluation Report (size 5 MB)


PICP endorse further action by PPDVP

The 40th PICP Conference held in Pohnpei FSM endorsed a further period of activity by the PPDVP.

At their meeting on the 24th of August the PICP heard of the transition period for the PPDVP and also the programme evaluation and recommendations from that review.

The PICP members agreed to endorse and to support a further round of activity by PPDVP and requested that the New Zealand Government – New Zealand Aid Programme, the PICP Secretariat, and the NZ Police to work together to advance this.

PPDVP Programme Manager said “The Chiefs of Police took real interest in the review of the first five years of activity of PPDVP.  They endorsed the proposal for a further phase of PPDVP.  Many of the Chiefs outlined their own plans for future work in their countries during discussions in the margins.”  Cam said “This is a significant step in the transition and planning process and it will allow the next steps to commence.”

The PPDVP Powerpoint to the meeting, and the conference report are available at


PICP presentation



Tonga DV data review

PPDVP Support Officer Kim Bloomfield will work with the Tonga Police DV team for a few days to update their database training and to complete an audit of the CMIS data.

Kim will also commence planning for an in country exercise with NZ rugby players working with men and boys in coaching and delivering a no violence message in early November

PICP Conference

Programme Manager Cam Ronald will travel to Pohnpei for the annual PICP Conference 22nd – 26th August.

Solomon Islands Deployment

Inspector Soni Malaulau will travel to Solomon Islands 8th – 12th August

Small Grants & Technical Assistance applications

This post is to allow RRRT attendees to access Small Grant to NGO applications, and Police Technical Assistance applications.  The two applications are below.

If you are planning or proposing an activity, then please contact the Programme Manager or by e mail or telephone as this may greatly assist the process.  Phone +64 4 470 7213 or e mail

Small Grants Fund – Funds are available to support local activities.  Items such as newsletters, posters, workshops and similar activities are anticipated.  The Form should be completed and submitted by e mail, through the local police DV office, so that they can endorse it, and then send to  It is essential to get local Police / DV Unit sign off.

Applications are usually approved very quickly and funds are made available to the NGO bank account. Either an Invoice for the item, or receipts for the expenditure are required, and a short e mail at the conclusion of the event advising of what occurred is sufficient to finalise the process.

Small Grants Application form

Technical Assistance Fund for Police – similar principles apply as for the SGF but these funds are aimed at supporting Police activities.  These may be attendance at workshops, local initiatives and activities, and police activities towards S & GBV.

Applications must be endorsed, via e mail, by the OC of the DV Unit or a senior officer, and again are sent by e mail to the address above.  Where the country is a PPDVP Participating or Linked Country the PPDVP Mentor will provide support and assistance.

Technical Assistance Application form

Tokelau Deployment

PPDVP mentor Dave Ryan will deploy to Tokelau along with Senior Sergeant Paul Sindlen from NZ Police for 10 days.  They will work alongside the New Zealand Government disaster response exercise on the atolls.  Dave will work with the local police on the atolls and assist them in developing community responses.  He will also distribute a range of material provided for the local schools by PPDVP, Rotary Inner Wheel of Wellington, and other donors. The NZ Navy ship, HMNZS Otago, is carrying these goods to Tokelau.

This visit follows an initial visit in May 2010 and a follow up visit by the PPDVP Programme Manager in July. Tokelau is a link country with PPDVP and has three domestic violence coordinators in the police, with one on each of the atolls.

FWCC Training – Regional workshop at Suva

As part of the four weeks of training held by the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre (FWCC) in Suva in May and June 2011 they included a session for outlines and discussions on some of the regional activities which support change, lobbying and advancement of the safety of women in the region, minimise and remove violence against women, and to advance changes.

Programme Manager Cam Ronald joined Sandra Bernklau (RRRT), Rick Nimmo (PIF Secretariat), Elizabeth Cox (UN Women) and others in the discussions. These led to some interesting interventions and questions as well as allowing the regional organisations themselves to catch up on changes.  FWCC plan this to be a regular session in the future with the next training in October.

Police members from a number of countries – Fiji, Vanuatu, PNG and others – were amongst the attendees.

The PPDVP Presentation to the meeting is attached in condensed form for web use.


Cook Islands

Support Officer Kim Bloomfield will be travelling into Rarotonga with Professional Development Manager Steve Symonds from the Hurricanes, rugby player Francis Smith from Tasman and netballer Cathrine Latu from the Mystics and a film crew Dave Mills, Michael Kerslake and Police Media Debbie Corney to create some new PPDVP advertisements “Break the Silence, End the Violence”.  These advertisments will be playing in Rarotonga during the Super 15 rugby games.  Francis and Cathrine along with the Cook Islands Commissioner will be the front spokes persons for these advertisements.

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