PPDVP Conference 2012 – Contact Points for PPDVP Staff

The PPDVP Conference will be held from 9 to 13 September 2012 at Nadi, Fiji.

The Conference Venue is the Tanoa International Hotel, Votualevu Road,   Nadi, PO Box 9203, Nadi Airport,  Ph: 679 – 6720277

The PPDVP Office at Wellington will be unattended from Tuesday 3rd September as the team will be en route to Nadi.  Contact points for the PPDVP staff are

For travel and accommodation – contact Support Officer – Kim Bloomfield, +64 21 224 3526, e mail kim.bloomfield@ppdvp.org.nz

For Conference arrangements – contact Programme Officer  Soni Malaulau, +64 21 595645. e mail soni.malaulau@ppdvp.org.nz

Programme Manager Cam Ronald, Phone +64 21 645155, e mail cam.ronald@ppdvp.org.nz




RSIPF Workshop Presentation

This is a PDF of the PPDVP presentation with the RSIPF DV Workshop.   A report on the conference and workshop will be added soon. Copies of the training DVD will be obtained and sent to the RSIPF DV coordinator (Lawrence Iko) for him to send them on to coordinators.

PPDVP Presentation This file is 3.7 MB so will take a while to download


RSIPF Domestic Violence Workshop

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force will run a workshop for RSIPF domestic violence coordinators from all of the provinces.  They will update on policy and procedures, case reporting and consider options for a comprehensive approach to dealing with cases in both a judicial and community approach.

PPDVP Programme Manager Cam Ronald will attend some of the week long workshop.

Micronesia discussions with AFP

Programme Manager Cam Ronald will meet with AFP Pacific Policing Development Programme (PPDP) in Canberra to discuss options for supporting police in domestic violence in Micronesia

Database Training in Fiji

Usofono leads a training session on extracting case data to Excel, with Lawrence from Solomon Islands practicing his skills. Other police staff keeping a watchful eye are Rose (Solomons), Sepolo (Tuvalu), Anna (Tonga) and Lamese (Tuvalu).

A workshop for seven pacific island police staff was held in Nadi, Fiji from 14 to 18 July.  Staff from Tuvalu, Kiribati, Solomon islands, Samoa and Kiribati attended.  For some this was their first formal training, which was led by two very skilled staff from Samoa and Kiribati.  Usufono from Samoa, and Maneaba from Kiribati have been working with the Jade Investigator (CMIS) database for some time and they were able to train the new staff from the other countries.

This was a first for PPDVP and a great achievement for all.  Kim Bloomfield from PPDVP led the training and set the workplan for the others.

Susan Mason from Jade and Programme Manager Cam Ronald updated all of the laptop computers for the countries and installed new versions of Jade Investigator on the devices.  Cam said “Upgrading machines is always an adventure, and this was the case for us in Nadi.  However, all of the records for over 6,000 domestic violence cases were successfully transferred to the new laptops.  The data is the most important thing and the Jade Investigator development and support team in Christchurch provided support Susan as this significant upgrade was done.  A great result!”

Susan Mason from Jade surrounded by the laptops being upgraded to Jade Investigator – she kept smiling all the time!

The CMIS database database was upgraded through four versions to the current version of Jade Investigator.


PPDVP Phase 2 – Activity Design Document (ADD) and 2012-2013 Workplan

The Activity Design Document for PPDVP Phase 2 is available along with a summary version of the PPDVP Workplan 2012-2013.

These documents are also available at the PPDVP Resources Tab

PPDVP Phase 2 Commences

The NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAT) and NZ Police have signed a four year Memorandum of Understanding to support the second phase of the Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Programme (PPDVP). The focus will remain on the countries targeted in the first phase (Cook Islands, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu), with regional support to other Pacific Island countries on a needs basis. Australia Federal Police may provide funding for an ex NZ Police mentor for Micronesia. A high calibre group of NZ Police mentors has recently been selected and are undergoing training prior to their first in-country visits.

A summary of PPDVP Phase 2 has been released.

The Activity Design Document (ADD) for the second phase is available and posted under a separate item, and also at the PPDVP Resources Tab.

A condensed version of the 2012-2013 Activity Plan is also available.

PJDP Workshop

Inspector Soni Malaulau will travel to Palau to complete a PJDP workshop for the 23rd – 27th July 2012

CMIS Training

CMIS training will commence 16th – 18th July 2012 in Fiji.  7 countries will come together to have their CMIS database systems upgraded to a new version and to complete training for this upgrade.

New Mentors Training

The six new mentors will travel to Wellington 12th June 2012 to conduct the induction to the PPDVP and complete the training before heading off to Fiji to meet with the RAC members.

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