Timor Leste National Police


TLNP members at PPDVP beriefing

PPDVP had the opportunity on the 22nd February to brief senior members of the Timor Leste National police who were undertaking a two week study tour in New Zealand.

The TLNP showed particular interest in ensuring that linkages with NGO’s were developed and maintained, and also in dealing with the cultural issues that sometimes cause difficulties in dealing with domestic violence cases.

Programme Manager Cam Ronald noted “While Timor Leste is not part ofthe PPDVP, the strong links through New Zealand Police who have been working with the UN peacekeeping and now the Community Policing Programme with Timor, allows for an exchange of ideas, between old and strong friends.” 

A copy of the presentation is available

 TNNP briefing (2)


TLNP briefing with Cam Ronald

Deployment to Tuvalu

Inspector Dave Ryan and Constable Felix Alefaio will be travelling to Tuvalu for the routine deployment.

Deployment to Vanuatu

Inspector Peter McKennie will travel to Vanuatu to undertake another deployment with the DVU in Port Vila.

Deployment to Micronesia

Inspector Soni Malaulau will travel up to Guam, Palau, Chuuk, Kosare and Marshall Islands to introduce the  new mentor, who is an ex AFP police officer Rod Walker to the Domestic Violence Co-ordinators and NGO’s.

PPDVP RAC Meeting – Nadi Fiji 27th February 2013

The PPDVP Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) will meet in Nadi on the 27th February 2013.

Representatives of the Fiji Womens Crisis Centre (FWCC), Regional Rights Resource Team (RRRT), UN Women and the Pacific Islands Forum will join representatives from PPDVP, NZ Police, the Australian Federal Police, and the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police at the meeting.

RAC meetings are an important part of the PPDVP planning and delivery process. The RAC meets twice a year.

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice on Domestic Violence – workshop

PPDVP will run a workshop at Nadi on 29 and 30 January 2013 with representatives from NGO’s and the pacific police, to develop the scope and content of a planned analysis of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice (KAP) of front line police members to their handling of domestic violence cases.

The workshop will support the development of a tool based on the current PPDVP training curriculum – with actors Miriam and Ioane who play the roles in the training material.  Police staff will see selected portions and comment on what they see, what the perceive, and what they would do if confronted with actions like this in their attending reported cases. 

The analysis will be undertaken with selected front line staff in the Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa, Kiribati and Vanuatu in April 2013, and the results wil form a country baseline which will allow specific additional training or remedies to be taken over the second phase of PPDVP.

The KAP Project is led by Inspector Soni Malaulau of PPDVP (soni.malaulau@police.govt.nz) and is supported by Dr Michael Roguski of Kaitiaki Research of Wellington. (michael@kaitiakiresearch.com)

 NTNK Video of Tarawa, Kiribati – John and Linda – will develop the research tool. (kirivid@hotmail.com)


AFP and PPDVP agree to work together on domestic violence in Micronesia

Programme Managers Frank Clare (AFP) and Cam Ronald (PPDVP) with AFP and PPDVP staff at the signing of the agreement.

Australia and New Zealand join forces to combat domestic violence in the pacific

 The Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the New Zealand Police have agreed to work together and support the pacific police services through the Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Programme (PPDVP).  The PPDVP is a joint initiative of the New Zealand Government, NZ Police, and the Pacific islands Chiefs of Police.  The programme aims to increase the capacity of pacific police to work effectively against reported instances of domestic violence and to achieve this through partnerships with other agencies and the community.


 PPDVP Programme Manager Cam Ronald welcomed the agreement with the AFP – “The PPDVP has had a strong focus on the Polynesian countries and especially those near to New Zealand.  We have also assisted other pacific police services, including those in Micronesia, but at a reduced level of support.  Having the AFP come on board with their focus on the Micronesia police services ensures a standard approach across the pacific to reduce the harm caused by these crimes.”

 The Micronesian police services include the Republic of Palau, the four police forces in the Federated States of Micronesia, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.  The Guam Police Department also supports these police services.

 In signing the agreement for the two police services to work together in this unique arrangement, AFP Pacific Police Development programme coordinator, Superintendent Frank Clare said “Working with the PPDVP who have established procedures and processes in place allows the AFP to meet our commitments in the region and to support the overall enhancement of police services in the northern pacific. This is the first such agreement between our Police Services and it demonstrates our common interests in working with the pacific police and their communities.”

 The agreement will come into effect on 1 January 2013 and is for four years.  The first deployment of the AFP and the PPDVP will occur in February, following familiarisation and training with PPDVP in New Zealand and with the Programmes regional partners in Fiji in January.

Primary schools kick off 16 days of activism in Tonga



School children at Tonga contest on White Ribbon Day

[22 Nov 2012, NUKU’ALOFA] The 16 Days of Activism in Tonga was kick started with an early commemoration of the 25thNovember International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on Thursday 22 November with a Primary School Chant Competition Feauhi Fakakaekae. The Competition was held prior to the 25th due to the actual day falling on a Sunday.

Twenty-two primary schools participated in the competition with chants composed specifically on the Tongan based theme Violence Against Women is not my Culture – Ko e Fakamamahi’I‘A e Kakai Fefine ‘Oku ‘ikai Ko Ha ‘Ulungaanga Tukufakaholo, Pe Ko Ha ‘Ulungaanga Fakafonua. The chants were directed to be within 3 minutes each and could either be in the Tongan language or the English language. Most schools competed with Tongan chants.

The Chant Competition was officially opened by Hon. ‘Etani Tuku’aho who in his opening remarks stated that one of the most critical pillars of Tongan culture is the respect that a brother must show to his sister. He went on to explain that it is with this same respect that every man, youth and young boy should understand that using violence against women and girls is not part of the Tongan culture.

According to the Director of the Women and Children Crisis Centre, ‘Ofa-Ki-Levuka Guttenbeil-Likiliki, “the compositions of most of the chants were amazing, the children really brought across the message around violence against women is not the Tongan culture very well. What we wanted to do was to start creating awareness among children at a very young age that VIOLENCE IS NOT OK and that no matter what the situation is using violence against women and girls is not the Tongan culture neither is it part of our gendered socialization – so why are we using culture as an excuse still?”

Police Commissioner Grant O Fee said in his remarks during the opening ceremony said, “There are things in which Police should know is wrong. For example, taking bribes is wrong, using excessive force during an arrest is wrong and similarly with violence against women and girls it is wrong.” The partnership between the Tonga Police and key NGOs who provide direct response support services to victims and survivors of violence is key to spreading the message across communities all over Tonga that violence against women and girls is wrong and it is not part of the Tongan culture.

The winner of the Chant Competition kick starting the 16 Days of Activism in Tonga were;

· First Prize TOP$1,000: Nuku’alofa Primary School

· Second Prize TOP$500: ‘Atele GPS tied with Tonga Side School

· Third Prize: TOP$200: Lapaha Primary School

The Chant Competition was organized by the Tonga Police, the Women and Children Crisis Centre, the Tonga National Centre for Women and Children and the Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Program (PPDVP) funded by NZAID.

Source – Tongan Women and Children’s Crisis Centre

Tuvalu celebrates White Ribbon Day

Tuvalu Police and their community are undertaking a range of activities to recognise White Ribbon Day.  Their police, in an e mail on 24th November, commented

Today we started with the SDA church the distribution of white ribbon, some wrist bands and balloons.  Tomorrow we will then roll out to the churches to distribute the similar activities and items.

PPDVP had assisted with items and some funds to help these activities become a success.


Cook Islands Radio publicises White Ribbon Day

PPDVP staff and sporting personalities joined Mr Wahu on his morning talk back show on Thursday to speak about their visit to Rarotonga.  These sessions drew a lot of feedback and calls, with many emphasising their concerns on domestic violence, the impact of alcohol on these cases, and offering their stories.

Players, coaches and managers with Mr Wahu

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