PPDVP RAC Meeting, Auckland, April 2015

PPDVP hosted the six monthly Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) meeting in Auckland on the 30th March.  Attendees came from the NZ Police, Australian Federal Police, Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre, the Pacific Islands Forum, the Regional Rights Resource Team, The Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police and their Secretariat, and UN Women.

This was the first meeting with Niue Chief of Police Tony Edwards who will represent the PICP as a member of their Executive Leadership Team.

The RAC meeting was held in Auckland to sit alongside the first PICP Executive Leadership Team meeting and workshop which ran for the following two days.

RAC Agenda items included a summary of recent PPDVP Activities, a presentation and discussion on a recent case file analysis review of five pacific countries; a briefing on the new structures and strategies of the PICP; a briefing on the activities around the forthcoming end of cycle review of PPDVP in 2015 and 2016; and a tour d’ table of forthcoming activities related to sexual and gender based violence, and gender and women’s rights, across the region.

The next RAC meeting will be in September to coincide with the initial findings of the PPDVP Evaluation.

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