PIF leaders endorse PPDVP Nadi Accord on culture, religion and tradition

The 45th Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Leaders meeting in Palau has added their strength to the PPDVP Nadi Accord which declared that culture, religion and tradition can never be used as an “excuse for abuse”.

PPDVP Programme Manager Cam Ronald said “This is a hugely significant endorsement from the leaders of the pacific.  In agreeing to this position they have added a ringing endorsement for all the agencies and people of the pacific who have worked so tirelessly over so many years to address the violence against women in the region.”  Cam said “In April 2014, 72 people from police and agencies drawn from 18 pacific countries agreed on the Nadi Accord in a finding that excuses based on culture, religion and tradition are never sufficient to excuse this abuse.”

PPDVP will invite the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police (PICP) to add their endorsement to the Nadi Accord in October 2014 when they meet in Auckland.  “This will place the police chiefs across the pacific as true leaders in their communities, and as the head of their police services, in addressing men’s domestic and family violence” said Cam.

The 45th PIF Communique and the PPDVP Nadi Accord are available at these links.  The PIF reference is at para 24 of the Communique.


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