Who’s where with PPDVP programme

July is a busy month for the ppdvp team.

Kim Bloomfield has now introduced the CMIS database for recording domestic violence incidents at a training week held  in Guam 1st – 4th July.  This training involved the Marshall Islands, Palau, Chuuk and Guam Police officers. 

Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Turner conducted a routine deployment into Tonga 30th June – 5th July.

Superintendent Stan Nikoro is also in Cook Islands 10th July – 1st August conducting his routine deployment.

Detective Sergeant Ashley Millen will be heading off to Kiribati 24th July – 11th August also conducting his routine deployment.

Inspector Soni Malaulau will be travelling into Niue for a mangement and liaision visit 28th July – 1st August.

Kim Bloomfield will travel to Fiji to conduct some refresher training, due to upgrades on the CMIS database to Tonga, Samoa, Kiribati, Tuvalu and Solomon Islands 28th-30th July.

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