NZ Rugby and NZ Rugby Players Award to PPDVP

The NZ Rugby Players Association, with NZ Rugby, have awarded the 2013 “Off the field” award to PPDVP for our work with professional players in conjunction with PPDVP.

The award was presented to the PPDVP Implementation team of Cam, Soni and Kim in New Plymouth at a NZ Rugby Professional Development Managers meeting on Friday 9th May 2014.

The details of the award have been posted previously

A similar award was presented to Steve Symonds from Wellington Rugby, who is the PDM for the Hurricanes, who led the activity on behalf of the players and NZ Rugby

The Award comprised a framed and mounted collection of a number of the memorable photos taken in the last five years with NZ Rugby, including visits to Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, and Guam. ( The two image files have been loaded in high resolution and may be slow to load. )  Lower resolution files are included for fast viewing.

Low resolution images




High resolution images


The inscription on the award




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