PPDVP Gender Approach (PGA)

PPDVP has initiated work with the pacific police services to address equality, gender and human rights and to commence a change process around these issues.

Through a series of surveys in 2011 with Pacific Police staff, PPDVP has identified some attitudes and beliefs held by some police members which are not constructive to their approach to the duties, especially in management of sexual and gender based violence cases.


The Pacific Islands Chief of Police (PICP) considered these findings and in September 2013 invited PPDVP to develop a model which might be adopted in their police services to address some of the findings.


A workshop of senior police and NGO representatives from Samoa, Cook Islands, Tonga and Kiribati was held in Auckland from 3rd to 7th March 2014.




The participants looked at the findings of the surveys and considered a model, now known as the PPDVP Gender Approach (PGA) to assist them in their own countries, in a way that suits their own needs and environments.


They considered their plans at a Systems, Networks and Individuals level, and found the positive and negative influences and behaviours that needed to be enhanced or overcome.


Each country then developed their plan to work with police staff; police teams (such as stations); police service; and the community.

These plans are now being considered by the Chiefs of Police and the Community leaders in each country.

PICP will be briefed again in October 2014.

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