Thank you from Officer Paul Tapao

DSCF1283DSCF1262DSCF1291Buenas yan Hafa Adai my Uso!

 On behalf of the fine working men and women from the Guam PD, we want to say Saina Ma’ase for allowing our island to be a part of the PPDV Programme.  The efforts that were put into spreading the message and the awareness really impacted our island community.  There is a lasting aura in the air from the visit, as more of our people are coming forward, schools are asking for a revisit from our VAU’s, the media is still talking about the impact the programme and the boys made and most especially, our department understands the important’s in eradicating DV from within our families!

 Words can’t express how two countries that are vastly separated by the mighty Pacific Ocean, can come together and stand side by side, in one common goal that “really makes a difference”.

 We are continuing to keep our momentum rolling, as our ladies are working harder in spreading the awareness and exposing the programme to our island community. 

 Uso, please feel free to give us a call or simply email us should you need anything from this side of the world.  The bond between Guam PD and the NZ PD  is something that will last for ever.

 God speed with all our endeavors, as we face the challenges day in and day out, in striving to make our Pacific a safer place.

Dungkulu na Saina Ma’ase,

si Paul S.N. Tapao

Guam Crime Stoppers Coordinator 

Auxiliary Division GPD 

(671) 475-8560   (671) 486-0101

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