Guam update from Inspector Soni Malaulau, Project Officer for PPDVP.

The Pacific Prevention of Domestic Programme (PPDVP), a NZ Police capacity building programme in the Pacific has been working in  partnerships with NZ Rugby Union to promote the awareness of Domestic Violence in Pacific countries.

Over the last 5 years, the programme  has been working with Steve Symonds (Development Manager Hurricanes) bringing together rugby stars from the various NZ Super 15 rugby Franchises as well as past All Blacks and sports stars from other sporting codes including Ruby League; Awen Guttenbiel, Kevin Iro and from Netball Cathering Latu to promote the : “Break the Silence, End the Violence” message towards a higher vision of a “Safer Pacific free from Domestic Violence”.

The partnership has seen up to 50 sports stars involved and visits to 4 countries; Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands and Guam to push the non violence message. Inspector Soni Malaulau (Regional Coordinator PPDVP) says that Mrs Kim Bloomfield has been the lead from our programme working with Steve.

The  Partnership has been a huge success in Pacific countries and the message has been heard, this is because of the way the message has been delivered by the players. Every player has had a story to tell and some have personal testimonies which have touched people and this has resonated with the people of the Pacific.

The personal benefits to players development cannot be underestimated but one cannot really appreciate the impact of the players on the communities of the Pacific until you actually are part of it. The latest trip to Guam was a highlight with Guams First Lady as the Patron of Rugby and the Guam Police Department ensuring that logistics for the team was well covered including a Police escort to all venues. The whole country was excited and in a buzz with the knowledge that NZ Professional rugby players were arriving. The programme was very full with visits to schools, Guam University, Corrections Department and free clinics so there was not much time for sightseeing but the Team including Liaki Moli, Auckland Blues, Tim Nani Williams, Chiefs, Mark Reddish, Hurricanes and Paul Steinmetz,  did NZ Rugby and NZ Proud. It was a great honour to work with the players and I know from a New Zealand Police perspective that our partnership in delivering a hugely important message would not have worked without them.

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