PICP works with PPDVP on police culture

The 42nd meeting of the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police (PICP) at Rarotonga adopted recommendations from PPDVP to work together to introduce a change in the culture of pacific police officers around their attitudes to violence.

The PPDVP had undertaken analysis in five countries to determine the attitudes of staff in 2011.  These results have helped to guide a proposed response plan with police to raise their awareness of gender issues in the lives and in their work.

PPDVP Programme Manager Cam Ronald outlined to the Chiefs of Police the findings of the analysis, the issues that were identified, and a proposal on how these attitudes might be improved.  Cam said “The analysis that we have taken has given us a great insight into the lives and thoughts of both male and female officers across the region.  There is now the chance for us to work with them, within their local police forces, to widen their views around what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviours. Things have to change if real progress is to be made. We accept that changing attitudes will take time.”

The PICP members considered the findings and the proposals and agreed that they would support the work of the PPDVP in the particular countries where the surveys were undertaken.  They further agreed that they would take this issue on as one for all of the pacific and work together in their response.

PPDVP is currently developing a programme that will work on identfying desirable and undesirable attitudes at a personal, team, police wide and community level.

Cam said “This is a significant commitment by the Chiefs and one that strongly shows their will to make effective change. ”

An extract from the PICP briefing and their recommendations is available at PPDVP PICP 2013.

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