PPDVP Police Staff Survey begins

PPDVP, with support from Kaitiaki Research and Evaluation will work with the police services in Tonga, Cook Islands, Samoa, Vanuatu and Kiribati to undertake a survey of staff to assess their attitudes to sexual and gender based violence.  At least 50% of staff, both male and female, will undertake the survey in each police service.

The survey follows similar work undertaken by the PICP about two years ago, but has a clearer focus on gender and equity.

The survey is computer based and police officers are assured of the confidentiality of the survey as the database deletes the user details at the completion of each session. The results will be confidential to the PPDVP and the Police Commissioners.

The survey is timed for

Tonga – week of 12th March
Cook Islands – week of 19th March
Samoa – week of 26th March
Vanuatu – 11 to 17 April
Kiribati – 19 to 26 April

The draft results will be available on 15th May 2012.

The survey will identify areas where further training or awareness with police staff is required, and will drive future developments in PPDVP training and delivery.



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