AUSAID catches a pass on DV for PNG!

The Australian Government AUSAID has recently supported their PM’s invitation 13 for Rugby League in their match against the PNG Kumars, where all players committed to carry the message “Stop violence against women.”  The game, and the message, were very well received and the message was passed, and received.

This support follows on from the successful development of the concept in the pacific by the PPDVP in 2009 using rugby players working with young men and boys in Samoa, Tonga and the Cook Islands using rugby as the medium.  Later this year PPDVP will support a rugby squad going to Tonga in early November.

The link to the Ausaid story can be found at Ausaid media release

The ABC has carried the event and has video footage of the game and the interacting with the players and the community in PNG.

PPDVP Programme Manager – Cam Ronald – was excited at the take up of this PPDVP concept by their Australian “cousins” and said “mimicry is the greatest form of flattery!”  “It’s great to see this very successful concept being used in this way in PNG.”

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