PICP endorse further action by PPDVP

The 40th PICP Conference held in Pohnpei FSM endorsed a further period of activity by the PPDVP.

At their meeting on the 24th of August the PICP heard of the transition period for the PPDVP and also the programme evaluation and recommendations from that review.

The PICP members agreed to endorse and to support a further round of activity by PPDVP and requested that the New Zealand Government – New Zealand Aid Programme, the PICP Secretariat, and the NZ Police to work together to advance this.

PPDVP Programme Manager said “The Chiefs of Police took real interest in the review of the first five years of activity of PPDVP.  They endorsed the proposal for a further phase of PPDVP.  Many of the Chiefs outlined their own plans for future work in their countries during discussions in the margins.”  Cam said “This is a significant step in the transition and planning process and it will allow the next steps to commence.”

The PPDVP Powerpoint to the meeting, and the conference report are available at


PICP presentation



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