Timor-Leste Demographic & Health Survey 2009-10

A survey on Demographics and Health undertaken by a range of international and aid agencies in Tmor-Leste for 2009-10 has been released and is available at the link below.

The survey is similar to the recent WHO Surveys in the Solomon Islands and Kiribati, and the soon to be completed report for Vanuatu.  However, it does have a wider focus on public health than the WHO reports.

The level of physical or sexual violence against them by their husband/partner as reported by women aged 15 to 14 is 35% for all of the country, with some provinces as high as 78%, while others areas are lower at 11%.  About 1 in 5 women have sought help and reported offences.

Timor-Leste Demographic & Health Survey 2009-10  (The report is 3.48MB and there is also a 3 page leaflet at this link.)

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