Beijing +15 SPC Report

A copy of the Beijing +15 Report completed by the SPC in 2010 is available at the link below and also from a link on the Resources page.  We have published the Report on this site as the references to the report on the SPC site are from an FTP file server – which is not always available to web browsers and users.

The report outlines progress that has been made across the pacific to address the rights of women.  The report contains a number of references to the PPDVP.

The introduction to the report makes the following observation

“This report contains evidence of the region’s achievements and challenges and portrays 15 years of sweat and struggle in our individual nations as we have aspired to achieve global benchmarks for equality and empowerment for our Pacific women.” (Dame Carol Kidu)
Download link for the SPC B+15 report – Warning – this is a large file – almost 4MB in size.


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