Cook Islands Telecom “Break the Silence”

Cook Islands Telecom have announced their support to the campaign to “Break the Silence – End the Violence” on domestic violence, with the addition of the slogan “Make the Call – 999”

The slogan will be used on Telecom Cook Islands corporate products including premises, vehicles and accounts.  PPDVP has worked with them to develop a range of stickers for the vehicles.

In announcing the support to the campaign, and to the PPDVP and the Cook Islands Police, Telecom CEO Jules Maher said “If we can get messages out to the community that helps victims feel less isolated and empowers them to take action to stop the violence, then we may just make a difference.  This programme can also put offenders on notice that crime is not as hidden as they may think.”

Telecom Cook Islands and the PPDVP mentor for the Cook Islands, John Robinson, had worked together on this proposal.

Telecom Cook Islands Newsletter

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