International White Ribbon Day 25 November 2010

The PPDVP will continue to provide direct support to the police service across the region for International White Ribbon Day on the 25 November 2010.  PPDVP is an International Ambassador in the pacific on behalf of the New Zealand White Ribbon Day committee.

Preparation for International White Ribbon Day began at the start of the year with development and production of a range of advertising and promotional material by PPDVP, working with Mission Hall in Wellington.  The items include large banners, wrist bands, white ribbon day cards with the PPDVP message, stickers for vehicles and windows, and balloons.

These items were delivered to police and NGO’s from all countries who attended the recent PPDVP Regional Conference at Nadi.  The country representatives have returned to their countries to consider how they will add their own “local flavour” to the activities.  PPDVP and the Australian Federal Police “Pacific Police Development Programme (PPDP)” will provide direct financial support to these local activities.

All of the PPDVP team will be “in country” over this important time.

Kiribati – Jim Sole

Cook Islands – John Robinson

Samoa – Karen Smith, Sue O’Neil and Cam Ronald

Vanuatu – Alan McGlade and Soni Malaulau

Tuvalu – Dave Ryan

Tonga – The Tongan General Election falls on White Ribbon Day so there will be no specific activities in Tonga on the day itself however the filming of the rugby commercials for television will occur in the week following White Ribbon Day, and amongst a period of 16 days of activism to support women’s human rights across the world.

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