Kiribati Police DV statistics 2007-2010

The Kiribati Police are an active member in the PPDVP.  The Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences (DVSO) unit uses the Jade Investigator / CMIS database for offence recording.

Claire Cronin, who is the CEDAW Reporting Adviser in Kiribati, had requested a breakdown of their reported offences and these were provided on 8 September 2010.

The results include All Reported Instances by Month over 4 years; offences by day of week; whether alcohol or drugs are a factor; how the police resolved the incident; the types of offences that were reported; what village the victim came from; who reported the incident (victim, friend, neighbour); where the offence occurred (at home, in public etc); weapons used; whether the offender was cooperative with police; what injuries the victim suffered; the relationship between the victim and the offender; how many offences were repeat cases of the same victim and offender; and a breakdown of both the victims and the offenders by sex and age.

The reports are at Kiribati DV Reports.

This research was undertaken on data supplied by the Kiribati Police DVSO from the Jade Investigator / CMIS database. The research and analysis was undertaken by Kim Bloomfield, who is the support officer with the PPDVP.

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