39th PICP Meeting endorses PPDVP

The 39th PICP Meeting at Brisbane considered the work of the PPDVP on the 25th August 2010.  The Programme Manager – Cam Ronald – presented a short session with the Chiefs of Police and especially emphasised the need for them to consider what had been gained in the first four years of the PPDVP working with them, and how effective it had been in meeting both their local aims and the aims of the programme.  The PICP members  needed to consider if there were further needs, or gaps, and how these might link with their own business plans and priorities.  Cam said “During the discussions session, a number of the Chiefs of Police pointed to instances of how the work of the PPDVP had facilitated their work, while also noting the continued rise in reporting of DV cases, and they spoke of the need for further and ongoing support.”

The meeting adopted the recommendations in the session to (which are abbreviated) :

  • Confirm the PICP Declaration for 2010-2011
  • PPDVP Programme Evaluation process and to work with this process
  • Views and needs of countries will “drive” any future considerations
  • Consider PICP representation on PPDVP RAC

The PICP 39th Meeting Communique confirmed their support for the PPDVP, and the text is pasted below

39TH Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police Conference held in Brisbane, Australia

24 – 26 August 2010

‘Local issues, local solutions, regional cooperation’

The annual meeting of the 39th Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police (PICP) was held in Brisbane, Australia on 24 – 26 August 2010.  The theme for the conference was “Local issues, local solutions, regional cooperation” and was hosted and chaired by the Australian Federal Police (AFP).  The Chiefs were officially welcomed to country by song woman ‘Maroochy’ and were provided with a cultural performance by the Nunukul Yuggera group.

The conference was officially opened by AFP Commissioner Tony Negus who stated in his opening address that it was important for jurisdictions in the Pacific to take a whole of Government approach at a national level and he encouraged cooperation between jurisdictions in their fight against transnational crime.

Policing the Pacific often presents unique challenges and forums such as the PICP promotes regional cooperation in addressing the criminal environment, managing emergencies and disasters and policing in general.  During the conference a range of issues were discussed including criminal deportees and their impact on Pacific nations, sharing of information and data regionally, police forensic support, and youth issues.

The conference had presentations from the Tongan Police Force, Commander Chris Kelley, relating to the sinking of the Princess Ashika Ferry in 2009 and from the Samoan Police Force, Commissioner Lilomaiava Fou Taioalo relating to the tsunami tragedy in September 2009.  These presentations highlighted the importance of agency and international coordination in disaster response.  It provided the opportunity for Pacific nations to share lessons learnt in responding to these types of incidents.

The Chiefs took part in a workshop and began work on developing a set of broad principles that would guide them and their organisations when dealing with disasters and emergencies.

The Chiefs further endorsed the work of the Pacific Police Domestic Violence Programme and the work it has completed over the last four years.  The Chiefs desire to have this work continue was reinforced during discussions at the conference.

The conference reconsidered the suspension of Fiji Police from the PICP and resolved that this should continue.  The effect of the suspension has been that PICP continues to interact with Fiji Police on humanitarian and operational issues such as HIV/Aids and Human Rights as well as disaster response development.  The PICP has not engaged with Fiji Police on any new projects or initiatives.

The outgoing Chair, Commissioner Gari Baki of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary awarded the chairman’s award for outstanding service to Police Officer 1 Virginia Gay Umayan from the Bureau of Public Safety in Palau.  The award recognised her commitment and outstanding service in the area of public safety and transport reform.  It also acknowledged her exceptional performance and dedication to the United Nations Mission in Darfur whilst deployed in 2008 and 2010.

Regional organisations including the Oceania Customs Organisation, Pacific Immigration Directors Conference, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and the Pacific Islands Law Officers Network also attended the conference and provided updates on their activities over the past twelve months.  They also identified opportunities for these regional bodies to work together on regional issues such as deportees and border security and common training needs.  Representatives of the International Association Chiefs of Police from the United States also attended the conference to further develop their relationship with law enforcement organisations in the region.

The Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police will meet again in the Federated States of Micronesia in 2011.

The full PPDVP Presentation is available as a PDF – PPDVP 39th PICP Meeting

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