Forum Regional Security meeting – CMIS database

The Pacific Islands Forum Regional Security Committee (FRSC) will discuss the work of the PPDVP on the 3rd of June 2010, when the Programme Manager – Cam Ronald, and the Tonga Police Commander – Chris Kelley – will outline activities from a programme angle, and from the view of a participating country.

A key portion will be the use of the Jade CMIS / Investigator database used by the domestic violence units working with the PPDVP.  Many countries now have over three years of data on reported cases, with over 1,000 instances in some countries.  The FRSC will have a chance to see how this data can be used to not only manage the police response to DV in their country, but to also raise community awareness.

Commander Kelley will describe the activities undertaken in Tonga and link these in to the use of the CMIS data as a performance management tool.

The FRSC presentation will be available on this site following the FRSC meeting.

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