Guam – the Micronesian Regional Hub

Programme Manager Cam Ronald and Programme Officer Soni Malaulau spent a busy two days in Guam on the 7th and 8th April.  The Guam Police Department hosted the visit and meetings were held with the Guam PD’s Crime Victims Assistance Unit; Juvenile Investigation Section; Criminal Investigations; and the media unit. 

Police Chief Paul Suba made time to meet with the PPDVP and gave his commitment to having members of the Guam PD support others in the region, where this was possible. 

Cam and Soni had the chance to spend an hour on Talk Radio with Officer John Edwards who runs a weekly CopTalk show.  This was followed up with TV interviews with both TV News Channels and the next day a session for an evening local issues show was recorded with Ray Gibson.  This was a great chance to get the “Break the Silence – End the Violence” message out in Guam and there was some immediate feedback from the public. Special thanks are due to John for his commitment and enthusiasm.

The US National District Attorney Association (NDAA) was running a three day workshop on case management and prosecutions of people tracking and serious crimes. This had brought together police, prosecutors and other agencies, so there was a general buzz on violence and domestic violence which made the timing of the PPDVP visit all the more appropriate.

The USAF Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) met with Cam and Soni – using the mutual contacts of the International Asociation of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and showed the visitors around Andersen Air Force base – a mix of work and pleasure – thanks to Lt Col Drew Sanguinetti and his team for this experience!

Cam posing in front of Vietnam era B52

Soni has continued on in Micronesia with visits to Palau, Pohnpei State and the Republic of the Marshall Islands to assist them with establishing DV coordinator position and DV units.

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