Kiribati Police DV data

The Domestic Violence Unit in Kiribati is combined with the sexual offences unit.  The DV team uses the Jade Investigator / CMIS database to manage reports of domestic violence which are received by them.

The Kiribati DV team has dealt with 325 cases from 2006 to August 2009.   In many serious crime cases the staff on the DV team take the initial complaint, especially from women victims, and the case is then referred to the CID for investigation.

This is reflected in the high proportion of cases which are shown as “reported” in the outcome.  In the Kiribati environment this means that a police report has been obtained, a complaint file completed, and it is “reported” for further action – often by the CID.

This data is analysed in the attached file.  DV data Kiribati August 2009

A further analysis of data from Kiribati is due in February 2010.

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