PPDVP meets with AFP at Canberra

Programme Manager Cam Ronald met with members of the Australian Federal Police at Canberra on the 2nd of December.  The coordinator for the Pacific Police Development Programme (PPDP) Paul Breen, and two advisers, Lauota Faletau and Chris Barnes (both ex PICP team members), spent the afternoon discussing how the two programmes could interact.

A key area is the emphasis on International White Ribbon Day (25th November) as the pacific police services joined in this in 2009 for the first time.  PPDP and PPDVP (these acronyms can be confusing!) worked together to ensure that all police members in the pacific had access to white ribbons – with over 15,000 being distributed.  The success of this years activities suggests that this could be further expanded.  The PPDVP and the PPDP will jointly propose that the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police (PICP) takes a role as well.

Other areas discussed were the involvement with the Wellington Hurricanes players in Samoa and how this might be used in other work areas where key messages are needed to be conveyed; aligning the business plans of the two programmes where this was required; leadership programmes for pacific police services; potential linkages between PPDVP work with the Pohnpei State Police and the PPDP Crime Prevention Programme in Pohnpei State, and some wide and more general discussions on working together.

This is the first of what will become a series of regular bi-lateral meetings, as well as taking the chance to keep regular contact on items as they occur.

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