Samoa Update

Nine mentor deployments have occurred in Samoa since the inception of the Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Programme.  Within that time the Ministry of Police & Prison Services Domestic Violence Team or ‘Vaega O Sauaa I Totonu O Agia’ has also grown and now accommodates nine full time officers in one of the adjoining buildings behind Apia’s main station.

While the team is focusing on the recording and appropriate resolutions of matters of domestic violence, the major focus in Samoa this year will be centred on whether or not the ‘Family Safety Bill’ currently in draft format, is passed in Parliament later this year. 

Samoa is now able to provide at least two officers on 24-hour coverage for domestic violence matters. The proactive arm of the team is also under development to ensure consistent delivery of all domestic violence training to colleagues in general policing and specialised areas.

All new recruits receive domestic violence training The DV unit delivers awareness training around domestic violence in conjunction with community policing and or NGO’s to the villages and schools in Samoa.

The biggest challenge for the members of the Domestic Violence Team still remains in terms of meeting the needs and expectations of the community. 

Inspector Karen Smith
Samoa Mentor

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