On 25 May this year Cam Ronald and Tony Wakelin from the PPDVP Programme started a 20-day trip through Micronesia visiting Guam, Palau, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae and Majuro in the Marshall Islands.

The trip was to establish what was happening in respect to Domestic / Family Violence in those countries and to assess what assistance the PPDVP programme could offer the Police / Public Safety departments.

They were warmly welcomed in each country. Meetings were held with Police Commissioners, Public Safety Directors, Police staff, Attorney’s General, Judges, Women’s advocate groups and other stakeholders that work with Domestic Violence cases. Each meeting was informative and lots of ideas were discussed and shared which were then transferred into extensive notes.

Funding is in place by NZAID for the PPDVP programme to provide assistance to the Micronesia police services. The exact response is yet to be decided but it may include providing training of Police staff, assisting with the set up of Police Domestic Violence Coordinators, out of country training and community awareness programmes. It is clear that what may work in one place may require a different approach in another.

Work has started in assessing the information and documentation that was gathered and assistance has already been given to some NGOs in the form of linking them up with experts throughout the Pacific. Tony Wakelin has begun working on this project and will be putting together a proposal to be considered by the PPDVP Programme Manager and the Chiefs of Police in Micronesia.  Implementation of this will start in the second half of 2009.

Inspector Tony Wakelin

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