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RYAN 2In February this year PPDVP’s Reserve mentor, Inspector Dave Ryan travelled to Honiara, and was met by the Constable Merrin Dancy (Minnie) who is currently deployed in Solomon Islands through RAMSI.  Merrin holds the portfolio of the PPDVP advisor with the Solomon Islands Police Force.

Constable Dancy who is deployed in this role for a year has established some excellent relationships with the Christian Care Centre, NGO’s and other groups involved with DV Prevention.  She is a well respected member of the Domestic Violence Prevention group in Honiara. 

The Solomon Islands Police Commissioner has appointed several Domestic Violence Coordinators in each of the provinces. These are part time positions and during the next 12 months they will be assisted in building a local action plan to suit their local needs.

Inspector Ryan attended the training for the Domestic Violence Coordinators undertaken by Staff Sergeant Tuhaika Temangutaua (Morris) and Sergeant Stanley Riolo of the Royal Solomon Island Police (RSIP), on Domestic Violence Investigation.  This training was based on scenarios of attending incidents and gathering evidence as part of the investigation. 

Inspector Ryan also met with the Prison Chaplain Father Jack to trial a Men’s Counselling Program within the prisons. 

Inspector Dave Ryan

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