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O'Neil, SueNauru Police have taken a lead in developing a local family protection team.  Senior Sergeant Sheeva Cook from the Nauru Police joined the PPDVP Investigative study tour in Auckland in late 2008 where she observed examples of various initiatives in working with NGO’s and others to protect families. 

On her return to Nauru she identified the opportunity to work with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs to develop a safe house and procedures to support victims and their families.  The Ministry comprises full time workers as well volunteers and Sheeva has been able to bring three of the volunteers to join her initiative.  The Nauru hospital also participates with a worker from there who is trained as a counsellor, joining the team.  The Nauru Government has assisted by making premises available. 

In the first four months of 2009 the house had been used on four occasions, usually for just a few days.  This is all achieved on a largely voluntary basis.

PPDVP have provided assistance to the Nauru Police through initial training in Auckland and Tonga and the study tour in Auckland.  There is strong support for action on domestic violence at both the Government and the community level. Later this year reserve mentor Sue O’Neil will spend time in Nauru working alongside Sheeva and others from the Nauru Police on the investigative processes around domestic violence.

Nauru will also receive support from the RRRT Changing Laws: Protecting Women programme with a part time worker to drive this initiative.

Inspector Sue O’Neil

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