Cook Islands Update

The Domestic Violence Unit is now a standard part of policing for the Cook Island’s Police.  It is situated within the Family Services Group which includes Youth Aid and now reports to the Operations Inspector to reinforce its front line response. 

Constable Pauline Rangi is now well established in her role as the O/C of the Domestic Violence Unit.  She supports front line staff in domestic violence matters, maintains the domestic violence database that provides vital information to the intelligence unit and will be a subject matter expert in her role.  During her first week in the job Pauline was thrown in the deep end with a call from Punanga Tauturu saying they needed some help with a New Zealand tourist domestic violence incident.  Pauline did the formal interviews, took ownership of the file and did what she expects all front line staff should do in such incidents.  She did an excellent job and proved to herself that the process works.  It also gave her first hand experience of completing what is required from first call for service to entering into the database.

This incident also shows the development of the relationship between Punanga Tauturu and the Cook Island Police that they both have confidence in each other to work closely together with victims to ensure they get good outcomes.  The Cook Islands Northern Group of police officers underwent community policing training in Rarotonga which includes options for preventing and responding to domestic violence in the outer islands.  The PPDVP mentor and Pauline presented to this group as well.  Future plans include maintaining the standards developed, increasing community awareness of the issues both on Rarotonga and the outer islands and establishing a government response to the consequences of this crime.

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