DV databases upgraded to Jade Investigator

Jade  Software who provide the database used by the domestic violence units to manage reports of domestic violence has released a new version – Jade Investigator – which replaces the earlier Case Management Information System (CMIS).

Kim Bloomfield from PPDVP will upgrade each of the in country databases to the new product, with a visit to Tonga in early August and Samoa later that month.  The Kiribati database will be upgraded later in the year and an upgrade for Tuvalu and Niue will also occur, and will include refresher training in the use of the database.

The Jade products allow the units to manage their day to day cases as well as allowing them to analyse patterns of reported offences. This in turn alows the local police to match their response to the busiest times of the week, as well as prioritise high risk families so that a multi agency and NGO intervention can occur.

An example of the data shows the levels of reported offences, and factors around domestic violence, in one of the five PPDVP Participating Countries.  The country is NOT identified and the data is provided to show the types of information available in the Investigator database.

Analysis of DV cases in a PPDVP Participating country

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