Tuvalu Police

Programme Officer Inspector Tony Wakelin visited Tuvalu in late June to update the acting Commissioner on the activities of the PPDVP and to assess overall progress.  Tuvalu is a “linked country” with the PPDVP and staff have participated in training, regional activities and study tours.  The visit coincided with an assessment by the NZ Police International Service Group (ISG) by Inspector Roly Williams  who was undertaking a wider assessment at the request of the recently retired Commissioner, Motulu Pedro.

Inspector Wakelin has found that there is scope for further PPDVP assistance, which may link with other overall policing support to the Tuvalu Police, and PPDVP Reserve Mentor, Inspector Dave Ryan, has been identified as the person who will provide this support.

The RRRT programme “Changing Laws – Protecting Women” has recently commenced activities in Tuvalu with Government agencies and local NGO’s and the PPDVP visit and assistance will be combined with their work in country.

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