Programme Update – December 2008

Cam Ronald

Cam Ronald

The PPDVP has started to work with the Vanuatu Police Force who have joined the programme as a participating country. We have included a “bio” for the new Vanuatu mentor, Alan McGlade of Hamilton. We also welcome an additional reserve mentor, Sue O’Neill, from the Central Police District in New Zealand. You will see that they both have a wide range of experience that enhances our overall skills base for the programme. Welcome to Alan and Sue.

The Case Management and Intelligence System (CMIS) database from Jade Software is in place in a number of countries and going well. The take-up by staff has been excellent and their knowledge of the number and range of domestic violence cases is increasing through the use of this tool. The Cook Islands Police are using it throughout their police service and the overall feedback from them has been excellent.

This edition includes an article about the annual DV training course, which was held in Tonga in June. The focus was around investigating reports of domestic violence and gathering the best possible evidence to support the prosecution of offenders. The Pacifc Islands Chiefs of Police (PICP) met in Samoa in September. The PICP continue to offer their support to the PPDVP, and we have seen some clear instances of this. In PNG, the Commissioner has taken a firm line on cases where his staff have assaulted their partners and we congratulate him on this. A group of the Micronesian Chiefs of Police have asked for assistance. This will be assessed and hopefully occur early next year.

In November, we will join with the Pacifc Islands Law Officers Network (PILON) and NZ Crown Law who facilitate an annual training course for prosecutors in litigation skills. The course now includes a DV component using material from the investigations course syllabus. Five police prosecutors will attend the training in Vanuatu. We are also planning a basic prosecutions training course for about eight police prosecutors in April or May next year in Auckland. The NZ Police Prosecutions Service is working with the PPDVP on this.

A senior investigator from Papua New Guinea spent ten days in Auckland on a domestic and family violence study tour. This edition includes some extracts from his report, and the lessons he learnt. It was a very useful tour and one that we will look to repeat.

The PPDVP Team offers you all our best wishes for the end of the year and the Christmas and festive seasons, and we hope that you have some quality time with your families and friends.

Cam Ronald

Programme Manager

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