PNG Study Tour – Auckland NZ, September 2008

In August/September 2008, Detective Sergeant Tinol Pakiapon from the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC), travelled to New Zealand for a two-week study tour.  

D/Sgt Pakiapon with Senior Constable Glen Compain of Auckland Police.

D/Sgt Pakiapon with Senior Constable Glen Compain of Auckland Police.

D/Sgt Pakiapon’s visit stemmed from a March 2008 visit to Papua New Guinea by the PPDVP Programme Manager, Cam Ronald. D/Sgt Pakiapon, the officer in charge of a sexual offences and domestic violence unit in the RPNGC, has been part of the six-person investigative unit in Boroko, Port Moresby for 14 years. His visit was funded through the PPDVP’s Technical Assistance Fund.  

D/Sgt Pakiapon’s New Zealand study tour enabled him to spend time with NZ Police Domestic Violence Unit, Sexual and Child Sexual Ofence investigators, as well as being introduced to the wide range of women’s rights and victim support groups within the Waitematā Police District. He was warmly welcomed by all.

S/Sgt Marty Edghill, on temporary assignment to the PPDVP, and S/Sgt Dave Ryan, a PPDVP mentor based in Waitematā, managed the two-week study tour, including a wide range of activities in the Waitematā Police District, and excursions further a field to make the most of the opportunity to meet key stakeholders.  Two of the highlights for D/Sgt Pakiapon were his attendance at a ‘White Ribbon’ planning meeting and a day trip to Hamilton with the new mentor to Vanuatu, Sergeant Alan McGlade, for an overview of domestic violence procedures in that Policing District.  

Since returning to PNG, D/Sgt Pakiapon has submitted a full report on the study tour to his Commissioner of Police and the PPDVP. He returned to Papua New Guinea leaving all with the clear message that the secondment had been very much a learning experience, enhancing his knowledge of the value of a professional and respectful approach to both work and the community, and at the same time increasing his knowledge and understanding of the New Zealand approach to gender-based violence. In his own words, D/Sgt Pakiapon described various aspects of the Study Tour as follows:

“One thing that hooked me was to see all these NZ Police woman and men in their full uniforms especially for night shifts. Everyone is there on time for work, on patrol on the roads, quick response to calls, especially by front line police, and sober attitudes when reporting for duty”

“During this trip I had to pause and reflect on the very important role I play back at home as a policeman accountable to the Police and to the members of the public I swore to serve”

“If I can respect myself, I will have no problems at all respecting other people and their properties. This is what I learnt and it is very valuable to me. I will be passing these values on to the men and woman under me”.

“This has re-enforced the need to identify police personnel for domestic violence training through the PPDVP, and for personnel to undergo specialist training in NZ or bring experts in to train staff. This programme should be an on-going thing for more RPNGC members’ participation”.

Detective Sergeant Pakiapon was extremely appreciative of the way he was received by all staf.  The study tour was his frst experience outside Papua New Guinea and a truly meaningful activity for him. The  study tour is a continuation of the excellent relationships developed between the PPDVP and the RPNGC. 

Inspector Soni Malaulau 

Regional Co-ordinator

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