3 Vital Tyre Maintenance Tips For Your Car Rental

The functionality of your rental cars Kerikeri heavily depends on a number of factors, one of which is the status of the tyres. Therefore, you should always ensure to check their reliability before leaving the car rental agency station. Failure to do so can easily lead to avoidable accidents. Given that most insurers don't cover tyre damages, it's your responsibility to redeem yourself from paying for damages you didn't cause. Here are the four vital areas you should focus on your next car rental tyre inspection;

Checking The Tyre Pressure

The grip the car you pick from rental cars Kerikeri will have on the roads depends on the tyre pressure. You should, therefore, take time to familiarize yourself with the tyre pressure requirement of your car as it heavily depends on its design. You can always find this information in the owner's manual. Afterward, ensure make use of the pressure gauge or the tyre inflation tool.

Tyre Tread Inspection

Ensure the car you rent has a tyre tread as it's a legal requirement in most countries. Nevertheless, like any other rental cars Kerikeri body parts, it's normal for the tyre tread to wear off over time. And while it's the responsibility of the car rental firm to conduct regular inspections of the same, some ignore. Therefore, you should take it upon yourself to ensure it's in good shape. Use a tread gauge to measure the depth ( should be between 2mm-2.5mm)

Wheel Alignment and Balancing Check

Most individuals tend to assume this angle in their rental cars Kerikeri inspection routine. Remember you need steady wheels for proper balancing. So don't ignore any sort of vibration. Also, if there is a problem with alignment, then you will experience the car pulling to one side. Don't ignore any uneven tyre either. But instead, let the car rental agency address the issue.